Hebei Zanhuang 250MW Photovoltaic Power Station

Product Overview



Project Type
Large-scale flat land + agricultural photovoltaic complementary power station
Project's Venue
Zanhuang County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province
Project Capacity
Technical Highlights
1. Using "smart welding" technology, it can realize high-reliability micro-distance interconnection, and comprehensively improve product efficiency and current output stability.
2. Superimpose double-sided technology, which can significantly improve the power generation income of photovoltaic power station conversion power.
3. It can fully optimize different key indicators in the whole life cycle of the power station, and provide the best cost of electricity in history for super large ground power station systems.
Project Highlights
1. Combined with the local "agricultural and solar complementary" model, improve the comprehensive utilization rate of land.
2. Inject vigorous vitality into modern agriculture and help the regional ecological health and sustainable development.